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Brandit™ is a one-of-a-kind service that lets you put custom-branded adhesive badges on high-quality toolboxes built by UWS. These will show off your business’s logo all around your local area, at work sites and on the road. Best of all, standard badges are free with a minimum toolbox order placed with your participating Brandit™ warehouse distributor! (Or pay to upgrade to a premium-style badge.)

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Contact your local Brandit™ Program Sales Representative and order the boxes you want. If you don’t currently have a Brandit™ representative, click here to view our list of distributors to find your local representative. The Brandit™ representative can provide you with information about all the products that are currently available through Brandit™ and help you decide on the best products for your store. The Brandit™ products are available in several different sizes, styles and finishes, so there should be something available for any retailer. Your Brandit™ Representative will also let you know the minimum order to get the full branding and marketing package available!

Once you’ve ordered your products, the Brandit™ representative will provide you with information about all the marketing resources that are available to help you sell your custom branded products. We have Point of Purchase displays, Point of Sale tools and much more to help you support your new products.




Once you’ve met the minimum order, you will be sent a full branding and marketing kit for your new products that may include:

  • 10 Custom 4-color aluminum brand badges.
  • Point of Purchase displays.
  • Ongoing Brandit™ program marketing and sales support.

In order to get your custom brand badges, simply click here to fill out the online order form for your badges. The artwork needs to be either a high resolution (200 dpi or higher) raster file (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.) or a vector file (AI, TIFF or EPS). Artwork will be produced and a PDF proof of you badge will be sent to for approval before badges are ordered. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for badge production and delivery. When you need to reorder badges, please use the same form for reordering. You can reorder badges as many times as necessary as long as you are still currently ordering products from the Brandit™ distributor in quantities to match badge orders.


Start selling one of the best toolboxes available with your very own company branding. Build customer loyalty by selling quality products they can’t get anywhere else! All products carry original manufacturer warranties. Please ask your Brandit™ representative for details.


About Total Truck Centers™

About Total Truck Centers™.

The Total Truck Centers™ program offers benefits—many of which are free—designed to give independent retailers of truck and SUV accessories the tools and resources they need to stay informed, improve their sales processes, attract more in-store traffic, and sell more parts. Our program addresses your need for better marketing by providing resources and services that take less of your time, are easier to use, and are specifically designed to meet the needs of local business persons.

Total Truck Centers™ is a unique program in that it is brought to you by your AAM member warehouse and dozens of sponsoring vendors, who have all invested to help make you more successful. The Total Truck Centers™ program is part of The AAM Group™ (Automotive Accessories Marketing™ USA, Inc.), an organization that’s been helping local accessory retailers for nearly 30 years.

You are not alone: Total Truck Centers™ is committed to bringing you industry-leading marketing capabilities.

About The AAM Group™

The AAM Group™—the organization behind Total Truck Centers™—is a program distribution group dedicated to supporting local retailers of SEMA aftermarket accessories and services. Program distribution describes a purchasing group whose members strive not only to excel as warehouse distributors, but who also produce resources that help their customers grow in their local markets.

Today, AAM is the largest such group in the SEMA marketplace. Comprising North America's leading regional distributors and powered by the financial support of more than 100 sponsoring manufacturers, The AAM Group™ provides industry-leading marketing services to over 8,500 local retailers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This unique partnership allows AAM to keep the vast majority of its services free to program participants, while others are offered at a deeply subsidized cost.

About The AAM Group™